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Danny Scrap Metal in Stanmore are scrap metal experts who specialise in the collection of scrap metal, old boilers and batteries etc. from all over London. We are also fully committed to providing an environmentally friendly recycling solution to all our clients.

Our team of scrap handling experts offer promptness, good communication, reliability and above all trust for all of our customers. When you call us to pick up your scrap, you’re guaranteed a professional service. We collect a wide variety of scrap in many different forms from construction and plumbing waste like brass, copper piping and industrial cable wiring to stainless steel and air con units.

With a decade of experience and full insurance you can fully rely on Danny Scrap metal to get to the job done quickly and efficiently.


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Brass remains to be one of the most popular scrap metals as it is highly sustainable and can be recycled many times over.


Infinitely recyclable, copper can be used in motors, computers, construction, industrial machinery and so much more.


Cables can contain many different metals, and can be used for many different purposes including in the household or wiring looms.


Being the 82nd periodic table element, lead is a soft metal mostly used for electronics, vehicles and even batteries.

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Aluminium has fast become more extensively used for construction on roads and bridges. Its low density make it ideal for several other different purposes.

Stainless steel

Different grades and varieties of scrap stainless steel are ideal for recycling. Most new stainless steel is made up of around 25% recycled/ scrap steel so its infinitely viable and environmentally responsible to recycle.


The plastic casing from batteries can be broken down and used to create new car battery cases or other plastic goods. This is in addition to the stainless steel, copper and aluminium inside the battery itself.

Air conditioner units & boilers

Your appliances may no longer be of much or any use to you, but did you know that if scrapping these appliances you could actual earn some money by selling them to us?

If you are in need of any scrap materials for an art project or as a means to make repairs to your property, feel free to visit us or get in touch to see if we might have what you need.


What our customers say

So much satisfied with the service. Arrived on time and cleared everything with no mess at all. I will no doubt use them again.

Satisfied with the good prompt service

Came quickly and removed all heavy metals quickly and efficiently. Great communication and zero hassle
Easy 5 stars ⭐️


Got Danny to take a couple of large boilers away today, extremely professional and polite guy, was such great service. I would highly recommend.

Great Service, extremely helpful

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